What Happens When The Best Event DJs In The World Get Together

I’ve just finished a week in Scottsdale, Arizona attending The DJ Collective.

I curiously watched the growth of this gathering from the outside over the past few years as industry innovators and leaders attended and groomed up and comers.

I’ve attended many DJ conferences and had great experiences but this one was nothing short of amazing. The level of talent in all areas, attendees, entertainment and presenters was out of this world.

So let’s get to the highlights…

Andy King of Fyre Festival fame was our Monday Keynote. His story was fascinating especially how he took something that could have been spun so negatively and turned it into a platform for causes he cares about. It also turns out that he is a super genuine and down to earth.

On Tuesday night we were entertained by the likes of DJ ANGELO, DJ Buck Rodgers, DJ Digital Dave and DJ Scooter. These DJs are insanely talented and all in different disciplines of the DJ artform.

Troy Williams, of Simply Troy presented to us on gratitude and graciousness. It was a reality check for me because I know that I all to often go on just assuming people know I’m grateful… and it doesn’t work that way. I had lunch with Troy and a few others before his presentation and found it valuable, but connecting with Troy after really helped me get my mindset right!

Danielle Couick of Magnolia Bluebird design & events was another mindset check. She encouraged us to be vulnerable and to really take a look inside ourselves to improve both our mental health and businesses. Her talk was a powerful one and I’m still digesting it. She ended the week but it ended strong with one of if not the only standing ovations all week… from a room 90% full of dudes… after she talked about feelings… Powerful stuff.

I would be remiss not to thank our amazing hosts and their teams for developing this concept, Joe Bunn, DJ Brian B and Jason Jani knocked it out of the park. The staff at Hotel Adeline was amazing as well as the SCE Event Group Team, Phillip Van Nostrand and The Hon’s capturing everything for us on film(ok digital) and video!

And last but certainly not least a big all my fellow DJ friends, both new and old, who opened up and shared the “Secret Sauce” all week to help us all elevate our industry.

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