What Does A Wedding DJ Cost?

Wedding DJ price points can be all over the place. Some seem to good to be true, other DJs seems to be out of their mind with their wedding prices. You don’t want to ruin your day with the cheapest ‘professional wedding DJ’ you can find, so where to you start?

There are tons of wedding DJs in the Boston area, but which are the best value? How much does a wedding DJ cost? The average Boston wedding DJ price is $1500. This however doesn’t reflect the range of wedding DJ prices you will find in Boston which can be between $600-$6000. This guide is meant to help you navigate the differences in wedding DJ prices so you know what you are getting into before sending that first email!

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Wedding DJ Pricing Guide

When you are searching for wedding vendors in Boston, be it photographers, florists, decor, bakers or anything else really, you may find many different prices… but they are not all equal.  You can buy a cake from Stop & Shop or you can buy a cake from Montillo’s… they are both cake… but well have you had a Montillo’s cake?

Here’s what Boston wedding DJ prices likely indicate:

Budget Friendly Wedding DJ

Expect to pay: $600-$1000

This is the sort low to high DJ… you know what I mean.. we’ve all done it shopping online.  This may be a good way to buy a lightbulb, but probably not for something that plays a crucial role in the success of your wedding day!

Most DJs in this range are just starting out in the field. This is very much a hobby or a part-time job for them. A budget friendly DJ may not be insured or have appropriate business licenses. A professional friend offering a steal of a deal for your DJ is different than hiring a budget DJ however. 

Mid-Range Wedding DJ 

Expect to pay: $1000-$1800

The mid-range wedding DJ cost falls more in line with the national and local average price for a wedding DJ. The mid range DJ has a few more weddings or events under their belt and takes it more seriously. It is possible to find a real diamond in the rough here. but be sure to vet any potential DJs in this range!

SRV Wedding First Dance Couple

Professional Wedding DJ

Expect to pay: $2000-$6000+

A professional wedding DJ on this level makes this money for a reason. They are talented, and committed to perfection when it comes to your wedding day.

On average a professional wedding DJ will spend somewhere between 10-30 hours preparing for your wedding day. This process can include multiple planning meetings, coordinating with other vendors on the team, and of course curating playlists specific to your tastes!

The level of wedding DJ is always available for questions, knows music and is an excellent MC. Professional DJs will also have all the insurance required to meet venue requirements.

Buyer Beware

Prices can change depending on the services you select with your DJ, such as uplighting, and photo booths.  It is important that you compare services and prices when making your decision on wedding entertainment. Compare looking for the best value and identify the things you can live without, without settling on a DJ that does not suit your needs because it was the best price. 

Remember of course, that these are all just guidelines in your search for the best wedding DJ for your day. There are certainly bad DJs charging extraordinary prices and amazing DJs that don’t know their value, although the former is more common than the latter. 

You deserve more than average from your wedding DJ!


We do spend hours and hours preparing for your wedding (this is factored into our cost, and that of any professional).  In the months leading up tp your wedding we will interview you about your loves and dislikes, and all your favorite music. We build out a detailed timeline and run of day sheet to make sure no detail is overlooked, and no questions are unanswered day of! All our couples of course also have access to our online planning system which makes it so much easier for us to coordinate!


Hobbyist DJs are just that… hobbyists, investing time and energy into their hobby only as time allows. You are sharing their obligations with them, as they may not be fully focused on providing the best experience possible. Your wedding is the only event on our schedule that day. Your DJ will be present for you 100%! Our wedding DJ team will arrive extra early to run through the day and make sure everything is perfect!


A serious DJ will invest time and money back into their business. A professional DJ knows that DJ’ing is an art. This DJ knows that it’s more than just playing songs, it’s knowing what the right song to play is, playing it at the right time, and in a way no playlist on a phone could ever do.

They work to build their career, they attend conferences, join professional organizations and network with event professionals of all types. A professional DJ will study music, staying up to date on current trends and looking for that obscure future hit, or amazing remix. Lastly, they keep their equipment up to date and top notch, and practice their artform.

Wedding DJ Price vs. Value

Budgets are absolutely important, and I hope this guide will help you in setting expectations and budget for your wedding DJ. Please do not start your marriage in debt, but remember that lowest price does not necessarily equal the best value.

If you are only asking “What does a wedding DJ cost?” then you are not getting the full picture, you should be asking what your wedding DJ can do for you!

Our EventSmith Boston Wedding DJ team are talented professionals who want to be a part of your day. We’d love to rock your party… Learn more about our wedding DJ services.

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