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Unspoken Tips For Selecting the Best Wedding DJ

Best Wedding DJ

There are plenty of guides to selecting a wedding DJ, often times they are the same tired questions that don’t really get to the root of finding a great DJ. So what should you ask a wedding DJ? Here we give 5 tips that can help both DJs and couples get the most out of the party!

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Open the Dance Floor Slow

So you may be thinking the best way to get the dance party started is to open with a banger! Not so fast dancing queen… A great DJ will be working the crowd up through their music selections during dinner to prime them for open dancing but it can be hard to get everyone right out there successfully. On many timelines the dancing starts right after the parent dances. We can further prime the dance party by inviting all the couples to join the newlyweds (that’s YOU!) for a slow dance… then we hit them with that timeless classic that will have everyone from your 15 year old cousin to your 85 year old grandma letting loose.

Light it up!… but not really.

Light is the enemy of dark. Dark is where things hide… like inhibitions about dancing. Nothing kills a dance party quicker than it being too bright in the room. If your DJ has a pro lighting setup, and especially if you have uplighting, you can pretty much turn off the house lights for dancing, and you should. This won’t matter to the extroverts who will dance on the sun, but for the guests who need to loosen up a little bit it will get them out there.

Is your DJ Really Mixing?

This one can be a bit controversial in the wedding DJ world, but it needs to be said… ask your DJ if they beatmatch, if they say yes, your are in a good place… if they can provide examples even better, if they say no, be wary. We live in a world where DJs and dance music culture is at an all-time high. Now I’m not saying that you should be expecting a Las Vegas megaclub DJ experience and for most people it’s not appropriate for their wedding (though if that’s what you want… However, every pop station these days seems to have a rush hour mix DJ, or weekend night mix DJ… you don’t need to understand mixing but you and your guests have heard it and will know when it is not being done. Mixing helps keep the energy and flow of the night.

Your guests don’t want to hear neo-goth indie hip-hop…

Ok I made that genre up… maybe… We love to work with other music nerds. That being said, most of your guests are not music nerds, and even if they are they probably just want to get down to some guilty pleasures. A wedding DJ’s role is to get everyone on the dance floor at some point and to keep the floor moving. If you have unique music tastes, work with your DJ to find the right places to fit them in. Often cocktail hour and dinner are great places to reflect that taste. If these niche suggestions are danceable, toward the end of the evening when it is mostly friends dancing may be another good place.

There is a difference between a Hyundai and a Ferrari…

There are tons of options when it comes to cars. A Hyundai and a Ferrari both have 4 wheels and get you from point A to B… but the experience is vastly different. The concept is the same with wedding DJs. A DJ can make or break the party, most people won’t remember what they ate, but they will remember an awesome party for years to come. Think carefully when setting your budget about the experience you want to have and want to create for your guests. The best wedding DJ will be an ally, a partner in creating the biggest party you ever throw for yourself. They will help guide you through the process, select the perfect songs and deliver with skill and style… and hopefully without playing the chicken dance.

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