Wedding Vendor Consultations – The Good, Bad and Ugly

Why Do Wedding Vendors Want A Consultation!

Why do wedding vendors always want to schedule a consultation with you before they let you book? A wedding consultation is an opportunity for you to interview your DJ or other wedding vendor. A good wedding vendor is also going to use it as an opportunity to interview you to see if you are a […]

Unspoken Tips For Selecting the Best Wedding DJ

There are plenty of guides to selecting a wedding DJ, often times they are the same tired questions that don’t really get to the root of finding a great DJ. Here we give 5 tips that can help both DJs and couples get the most out of the party!

SRV Boston Wedding | Tim & Mallory

A little thunder and lighting couldn’t keep this party down. Tim and Mallory succesfully dodged the rain and had a beautiful wedding ceremony on the patio at SRV Boston. We had an ultra-hip playlist for cocktail hour and dinner, and a fun first dance with family. Tim and Mallorys friends and family love to dance and it showed!

Erich and Stephanie’s Wedding at the Beauport Hotel, Gloucester, Ma.

Erich and Stephanie celebrated their wedding at the Beauport Hotel in Gloucester Ma. The hotel is situated right on the harbor providing a beautiful vista for any gathering. We provided cocktail music on the deck and inside, and then rocked Erich and Stephanie’s guests right up until last call!

What Happens When The Best Event DJs In The World Get Together

I recently attended a gathering of the 100 best event DJs in the country… here is a recap of what went down.