EventSmith Boston Got a Makeover

EventSmith Boston

In the midst of a global pandemic, every events related business has had to hit an unplanned reset button. Some have taken a break, but here at EventSmith Boston, we saw this as an opportunity to grow and update.

After a few years with our previous EventSmith Boston logo and branding we decided that we had outgrown the imaging. We are still the same company focused on our craft and curating bespoke events and entertainment options for our clients; but with a renewed focus and passion.

While we are not back to rocking parties and weddings yet, we are focusing on creating new content to both entertain and educate.

We have created our own Spotify, and our transferring our playlists from the DJ Brian Smith profile there, as well as creating new playlists. Coming soon will also be a new podcast focusing on music that we love as well as the history and influence of the music we love.

We are in the process of scheduling and shooting new video content for our YouTube Channel as well, and Brian is still active on his DJ-centric YouTube Channel as well.

If you are not already, we’d love you to follow our journey on our socials:

We can’t wait to get back to work and seeing you all on the dancefloor!


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