Events and Coronavirus… Tips and Ideas for Moving Forward Together.

First Published: 4/7/20

Updated: 5/18/20

It is hard to comprehend where we are today, versus where we were a month ago and where we will be a month from now. While we all hope for a return to normal as soon as possible, it is important to remember that normal may look different in the future. Events will happen again, we are social being and this too shall pass.

As a company founded by an active first responder and medical professional, we put the utmost care and priority into keeping our clients, their guests, and our staff healthy and safe. While this provides some challenges to our business in the big picture, it is also allowing me to keep us open, accepting new business and ensuring we will be there for our current clients when this ordeal starts to wind down. We’re with you every step of the way; and we’re happy to answer any questions, offer any assistance or even just be a pleasant voice to talk things through in this difficult time.  We can’t wait to get on the other side of this and help everyone let loose and let out their pent up partying… it’s going to be amazing.

Rebooking Tips

  • Check with your venue to see what available dates they have open.

  • Use a poll like to send a survey to your vendors checking everyone’s availability at once rather than using multiple or group emails.

  • If a vendor is not available or is limited, ask them if they have someone else on their team available so that you don’t lose out on a retainer. It may not be ideal, but it helps keep you and your vendors afloat.

  • Check with your planner or venue for the availability of sanitation stations for guests or secure your own.

At Future Events

  • DJs/MCs will be the only ones to handle microphones.

  • Staff will check their temperature prior to work and must be under 100.0F

  • Staff will be provided hand sanitizer and encouraged to regularly wash hands.

  • Microphone stands will be available for guests giving toasts and should be used at their personal discretion.

  • Fabric/foam screens will be placed on all microphone heads and routinely discarded.

  • No photo booth props will be provided by EventSmith Boston until further notice.

  • Only EventSmith Boston staff are to operate photo booths and related equipment

  • Any contact surfaces will be routinely wiped with disinfectants before leaving the warehouse, throughout the night, and immediately following the event

  • DJs and MCs will not  prompt guests to hold hands

  • All EventSmith Boston staff will be issued facemasks and will be required to wear them until further notice.

Live Streaming

We are now offering live streaming services for wedding ceremonies. We will provide all audio and video equipment and provide a private link that your friends and family can access on their computer or mobile device without downloading any apps. We are offering this as both a standalone service or add on to existing clients. Learn more here.

For Our Current Clients

All of our clients that have potential affected dates should have heard from us by now. As of 5/18/20, any event that has greater than 10 people and is during Phase 1 will need to be postponed according to the current State of Massachusetts guidelines. Phase 1 will last at minimum until 6/8/20. Know that we are also frustrated with the current guidance from the State as the phase system is unclear when it comes to weddings and gatherings after Phase 1. We advise clients with events through October to begin to think of alternative options.

Our COVID-19 reschedule policy:

  • We will honor all retainers, in full, to future bookings.

  • We will not place any limits, surcharges, or price increases on events rebooked within 365 days of the original event date.

    • If looking to book for peak season 2021, we are encouraging 2020 clients to look at Thursdays, Friday, and Sundays so that we may continue to book future couples, though we will book Saturdays for you if desired.

  • Should any reduction in services be needed the credit will be applied to the final balance. (i.e. you choose to elope and have a reception without a ceremony at a later date)

  • If your booked DJ is not available for the rebooked date we will:

    • Book another staff member for your date

    • We will book a trusted partner DJ

Additional Resources

Massachusetts Reopening Plan

CDC Event and Gatherings Guidelines

Massachusetts Department of Public Health Assemblage Guidance 3/31/20

Massachusetts COVID-19 Updates and Information

Brian Smith is the owner of EventSmith Boston and is available to DJ weddings, corporate and private events in Boston and beyond.

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